Piercing Prices

I only use high quality Titanium Jewellery.  I will never use Surgical steel is usually externally threaded, which can cause rips and tears when the jewellery is inserted and driven through the piercing channel.  

You must be at least 18yrs old to have a Piercing without a Parent/guardian present.

Please ensure that you bring proof of age documentation should your age have any reasonable doubt.

Your Parent/legal guardian will sign the contract for you and has to be present during the piercing process.


Eyebrow Piercing £20

Anti Eyebrow Upper cheek surface Piercing £35

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing £35

Bridge Horizontal Piercing £30

Vertical Bridge Piercing £35

Labret Piercing £20

Vertical Labret Piercing £25

Low Bret Piercing £25

Madonna Piercing £20

Medusa Central Piercing £20


Lobe Piercing £10

Lobe Piercing x2 £20

Vertical Lobe Piercing £35

Transverse Lobe Piercing £35

Tragus Piercing £20

Anti Tragus Piercing £20

Vertical tragus piercing £35

Conch Piercing £20

 Inner Conch Piercing £20

 The inner shell of the ear Piercing £20

 Forward Helix Outer Piercing £15

 Industrial Piercing £30

 Vertical Industrial Piercing £35

 Rook Ear anti-helix piercing £20

 DaithInner conch ridge cartilage piercing £20

 SnugInner cartilage helix fold piercing £20

 Orbital Lobe piercing £35


 Nostril Piercing £15

 Septum Piercing £25


 Tongue Piercing £20

 Smiley Piercing £20

 Frowny Piercing £25

 Tongue Web Piercing £30

 Venom Paired £35

 Navel (Belly Button)

 One £15


 Nipple Piercing £25

 Nipple x2Piercings £35