Piercing Aftercare

You have got your new piercing. The after care and healing process is an important part of the full piercing process.  I will have discussed aftercare with you prior to the piercing and/or after. Take as much as time you need in the studio and ask questions until you feel clear about the aftercare procedure. The aftercare procedure is the similar for all body piercings, but there are few differences, such as the healing time or you may need few tips for a tongue piercing healing process for example.  If there is still few questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I offer a CAFLON NATURAL EAR CARE SOLUTION that I strongly recommend you to use as it is specifically designed and adapted for body piercings.  Alternatively, there is Packaged sterile saline solution that you can find in pharmacy.

Wash your hands really well before you clean or touch your piercing for any reason.

Spray the CAFLON NATURAL EAR CARE SOLUTION  once or twice, on the day of your piercing.  You DO NOT have to rotate your jewellery through the piercing.
Let it air dry.  

As the piercing starts to heal, you can use a clean cotton bud with CAFLON NATURAL EAR CARE SOLUTION, gently dab the piercing area.

You may experience some bleeding, bruising, swelling, redness, and soreness or mild pain.

During healing some discolouration , itching, oozing of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will form some crust on the jewellery. Your skin may tighten around the jewellery as you heal.

The jewellery may not move easily in the piercing, do not force it. If you do not clean your piercing regularly as a part of your daily bathing, normal but smelly secretions may build up.

A piercing may appear to be complete before the whole healing process is done. This is because the piercing will heal from the outside in.  Even if it feels fine, the new skin is weak on the inside.  Be patient, and keep cleaning for the entirety of the healing period.

If you have had a piercing for years, it can still shrink or close in minutes if you take out your jewellery! This varies from person to person, if you like your piercing, keep jewellery in, never leave the hole empty.

Avoid cleaning with anything that is not a saline solution as it might irritate your piercing. Avoid irritation like friction from clothing, too much motion of the area, playing with the jewellery, and rough cleaning. These could make ugly and uncomfortable scar tissue form.

Avoid unwashed hands on (or even anywhere near) your piercing, and contact with others’ bodily fluids like saliva while you are healing. 

Note:  Showers are safer than baths because baths can harbour germs.

Avoid all beauty and personal care products on or around the piercing, including cosmetics, lotions, and sprays, etc.

Don’t hang charms or any object from your jewellery until the piercing is fully healed.