About Myself

I believe that a tattoo is an art form in its own right which requires high level skills and dedicated work. At Ink Art Work. I believe that to be a complete artist you have to be comfortable practising different techniques. Like all artists, tattoo artists have their own style and they often specialize in what they are good at. My specialiality's are realistic and portraits.

I have much experience and specialise in the following:

Watercolours, Colour and Sketch, Black Work, Covering up and Blending  old/disliked Tattoos, Minimalistic and Portraits.

Very few Artists can do almost everything.

Please feel free to have a look at my work done and see the drawings I have done to get an idea of what I like to do.

You are welcome to pop in to see me at Ink Art Work.  We can discuss any ideas you have and I can give you a no obligation free quote.

I look forward to seeing you.




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